Why Antibiotics Are Ineffective Against Some Bacteria

Why antibiotics are ineffective against some bacteria. This issue has become a major concern for medical research communities around the world. A new research studies why the most potent drugs…

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Limiting Social Media Use Can Improve Wellbeing

Limiting social media use can improve wellbeing. We all use multiple social media platform apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Many studies have warned about the negative impact…

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Roads kill 1.35 million people around the world

Traffic accidents kill an increasing number of people worldwide, with 1.35 million deaths a year, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned Friday, worried about the lack of security measures in…

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Sully will accompany George Bush one last time

Sully HW Bush, a Labrador dog who worked with George Bush, will travel next to the coffin of the deceased former president of the United States on his trip to…

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